• J Alan R


From below the brow,

I saw two men in black

Take His body down

And wrap it on the ground.

I hid behind some rocks,

And followed as they passed.

They carried Him so fast.

They put him in alone

And laid Him on a stone.

But before they rolled the tomb closed…

I could no longer watch,

When they went to push,

I snuck through the door

And laid there on the floor.

With all light gone,

As dark as dark can be.

The only sound was me.

Now what? My heart sinking.

What was I thinking?

Is this now a secret burial for two?

It just couldn’t be.

Wasn’t this the He

Who would set us free?

Is all hope lost?

Why did I leap, and

Join the lost, with

No thought of cost.

Such emptiness galore, still

There’s something more.

Somehow in this dark, I’m not afraid.

Time’s passing

Means nothing to eyes

Who see no light,

Less a dead man’s might.

Only my beating heart,

My quaking breath,

The only life with this death.

I knew He was set to rot

But also, that He was not.

Somehow, I just knew, He’s still Lord.

I fell fast asleep.

Don’t know how long,

Until I heard this roar

Like shouts of victory soar.

There was a loud breathing.

Then a long grinding sound,

Rocks over rocks rolling round.

A blinding light did race

Through the open door.

And the dead body was there no more.

My head spun wild.

My heart pounded so,

And yet somehow I knew

What Jesus said was true.


Not over tyranny’s men,

But instead, darkness and sin.

Before I could be found

I knew I must run

And tell all I know

Jesus is God’s Son.

Luke 23: 55

Mark 15: 47

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