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  • J Alan R

The Wait

When twilight is eclipsed by the dark of dusk,

Cars and trucks all look the same,

Silhouettes on parade,

With glowing eyes.

When his hard work was done for the day,

My dad drove along in that parade,

Coming home to family,

Where love abides.

I’d wait at the front window for hours on end,

Hoping each set of beaming headlights

Would be his this time, pulling

Safely into our drive.

Many cars and trucks drove right on past,

The next one will be his, I’d say,

With the next set of lights

My hopes revive.

I knew he’d finally come, and all the waiting

Would be forgotten in a hot flash,

As I’d race to jump up into

His waiting arms.

The wait is a lot like waiting to finally see God,

As many clouds look like the one Jesus

Will be riding when He returns,

Taking us from all harms.

Mark 13:24-27

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