• J Alan R

The Dance Devine

Updated: Mar 9

To commence the proper ballroom dance,

A gentleman asks first if the lady would, Then offering his arm, to take hold of it,

He escorts her to their place on the floor.

Now face to face, He extends both hands,

Palms upward turned, inviting hers to his, And then they wait for the music to play.

With the first note still hanging in the air,

The gentleman then forward bows, and

Only after her curtsey, he takes her hands,

And the dance of more than a lifetime begins.

Likewise, our Father has come so divine

To dance with us, hand in hand sublime,

To follow His lead until the end of time.

Immanuel is with us on life’s dance floor,

To dance with Him is what He came for,

Yashab is all He asks, and nothing more,

To by Him abide,

To in Him reside,

To stay with Him

forever side by side

in the Dance Divine.

John 8:31-32 & 15:1-17

*Immanuel: God being with us

**yashab: us being with God in return

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