• J Alan R

Taste of Eternity

The embers from

breakfast on the beach

still pop and flicker.

The fishing boat floats,

secured safely to shore,

nets draped over the bow.

The morning sun’s

still warming up, as

waves roll beneath

a long-greening hull.

I nap with Jesus

at the stern, one arm

around my shoulder,

one hand’s fingers

combing my hair,

calming me.

I rest my weary head

upon His chest, I hear

His heart beating steady

deep inside.

My hands clutch

the hem of His cloak,

accepting healing,

never wanting

to let it ever go.

Where I go when

the night’s been

far too much.

My now rest

in the here, before

the last cast,

my taste of


John 21:1-14

John 13:23-25

Luke 8:43-47

Mark 10:15

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