• J Alan R

So Those Who Hear Will Marvel

Updated: Mar 9

We have a great story to tell…

An angel appeared to shepherds

tending their flocks in the fields,

Announcing their so long-awaited

Savior had come, born to a virgin

That very day, and could be found,

swaddled in a lowly manger.

Then a host of angels appeared,

praising God, Holy, Holy, Holy,

And when all of them had gone,

the shepherds in such great haste,

Found the little Lord Jesus right

where the angels said he would be.

The shepherds made it widely known,

and those who would hear marveled.

Then they returned to their flocks,

praising God for sending His Son,

Waiting for the day He would grow up

and lead them forever home.

We too are shepherds, my friends,

we too have heard the Good News.

We too have seen the world’s Savior,

as in our hearts He lives today,

So let us now—with great haste—make

this news and Jesus widely known

…so those who hear will marvel.

Luke 2:8-20

Acts 4:29t

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