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Psalms Renderings Three

Being Still

Being still

is hearing His voice

the call of His Word.

Being still

is taking a step forward

ever closer to Him.

Being still

is surrendering your all

clinging to only Him.

Being still

is knowing He is God

and still is all you can be.

Psalm 46:

Truth Worth Repeating

God told us once

We have heard it twice:

All power and glory and honor

Belongs to God,

No matter how much

Leaning walls and

Tottering fences

Beg to differ.

Do not rest on them,

Wait on Him

Psalm 62*

They Also Sing

The rivers of God

full of water,

The oceans of God

teaming with life,

The pastures of God

clothed with flocks,

The valleys of God

ripe with grain,

The mountains of God

ringed with clouds,

Like those of us

who trust You

who praise You

who shout for joy for You...

They also sing,

For You are the confidence

of all the ends of the earth.


Psalm 65

Make a Joyful Shout


Turns the churning river before us

Into dry land

—He holds the waters back—

So we can cross on foot.

And as for the swarming enemy

Charging at our heels,


Causes the swirling deep to pour

Over their heads

—He lets the waters loose—


How awesome are Your works,

No need to wonder about...

Let us make a joyful shout!

Psalm 66

Shout to the Lord (my all-time favorite song)

Fear His Name!

From roiling waters

You brought us into Your net.

From raging winds

You brought us into Your boat.

From the graveyard of the deep

You brought us ashore.

Who keeps our soul

among the living?

Come and hear all you who

fear His name!

Psalm 66



Father of the fatherless,

You take captivity captive,

You ride the heaven of heavens,

You are stronger than strength,

Louder than loud is Your voice,

More holy than holy,

A mountain of mountains,

King of kings,

Lord of lords,

Your chariots are thousands of


And Your steeds at least all that.

Blessed be the God of gods.

Oh, Yah!

Psalm 68

In God’s Hand is a Cup

I will polish the horns

of the righteous,

But I will cut them off

the wicked,

Says the Lord.

I will exalt the strength

of those who love Me,

But I will shame

those who deny Me,

Says the Lord.

In God’s hand is a cup,

it is full of red wine;

Of its sweetness

the righteous will sip


But of its dregs

the wicked will gulp

full down.

Psalm 75

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