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Psalms Renderings Six

A Tree

Like grass,

Senseless men

Do not know,

Nor do fools



Grows anyway,

Only to be cut

And burnt

On a pile.

Thanks be

Alone to You,

I am a tree

You planted

In Your house

And watered

So it grows,

And fruit

It does bear,

In the only courts

It knows.

Psalm 92

Make the Snake Hiss

The snake says

God doesn’t care,

He’s not even here.

Does not He who made the ear hear?

Does not He who formed the eye


Does not He who gave also take away?

The earth sleeps.

O God, rise up!

The moon wanes.

O God, shine forth!

Our feet slip.

O God, hold us up!

Don’t You care?

Show us You’re here.

Make the snake hiss.

Psalm 94

Stray Hearts

Hearts that trek the heights

Traverse all lows and deeps

And traipse vast flats so grand

On their own alone,

Will not enter My rest.

I call out to hearts

Throughout all sojourns,

And while each and every hear,

Few dare listen.

You see,

Hearts harden

Along the way

When from God

They stray.

Psalm 95

While You Still Can

He’s coming!

He’s coming to judge what’s His.

He’s coming to judge all He’s


Tremble before His just hands!

Prepare to sing a new song!

Proclaim His Good News

while you still can!

Psalm 96

Let the Isles of Good be Glad

His lightning cracks...

At once sowing light

And blinding evil eyes.

His fire roars...

At once declaring glory

And melting mountains like wax.

His fist pounds...

At once showing might

And trembling all the earth.

The Lord reigns!

Let the isles of good be glad!

And may the wicked

be damned.

Psalm 97

A Joy That Wakes the Dead

Let the rivers clap their hands.

Let the feet of the mountain dance.

Let the trees sing off their heads.

Our Lord and Savior is coming.

May we even more so shout

With a joy that wakes the dead.

Psalm 98


Our Daddy is holy,

We want His hand.

Our Daddy is holy,

We want in His arms.

Our Daddy is holy,

We want to see His face.

Because Daddy is holy

We children of sin tremble.

Because Daddy is holy

We children of sin run.

Because Daddy is holy

We children of sin hide.

But Daddy forgives,

Our hearts are moved.

But Daddy forgives,

Our tongues sing praise.

But Daddy forgives

Our arms hug His neck.

Psalm 99

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