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Psalms Renderings Seven

Pause and Awe

Enter His gates with thanksgiving.

Enter His courts with praise.

Enter His kingdom people.

But because He made us,

and not ourselves,

Because He loves us so,

and did so first,

Because He shows mercy,

and we don’t deserve,

Enter His presence first

with pause and awe,

For He is good,

For He is God.

Psalm 100

Only You

What faithless people do

I will not look upon.

What the haughty do

I will have no part of.

Whoever slanders others

I will not listen to.

Those who practice deceit

I will not stand near.

Those who are just evil

I will not let enter my house.

Every morning

I will call upon You,

All through the day

I will follow You,

And every night

I will give thanks

to only You.

Psalm 101

Flicker in the Skies

There is a fire that will not die

No matter the time of year

No matter how far out.

The wolves wait in the woods

A meal of us they can taste

If they can just wait.

Though the days go up in smoke

Though the ash mound piles

Your ember still glows.

Of old Your foundation’s set

A ring of so many rock

Your years never end.

And like the sparks that rise up

Our thanks and praise

Flicker in the sky.

Psalm 102

Blessed Just to Be

These all gather ‘round

That You may feed them...

The beasts of every field

The birds of the skies

The cattle of all the hills

The creatures of the deep

The deer of the forests

The goats of the mountains

...You open Your hand

And they are filled with good.

These too gather ‘round

To be fed by You...

Wild donkeys who mill about

Young lions who lay in the grass

Storks who nest in high trees

Badgers who refuge in cliffs

Leviathan who swims the sea

And men who live in houses

..these all wait for Your hand

We are blessed just to be.

Psalm 104

As Long as I live

Robed with honor and majesty,

Wrapped with light as with a cape,

God rides the clouds like a chariot,

He walks on the wings of the wind.

May Your glory endure forever.

I will sing praise as long as I live.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul!

Psalm 104

His Love Is Number One

Tell the world what God’s done for


Tell of the time when He

rescued you from the desert

and the cruel oppressor’s hand.

Tell of the time when He

turned what others meant for

harm, and used it for good.

Tell of the time when He

guided you by fire in the night

and a cloud of covering by day.

Each time....your thirst was slaked,

your hunger sated, and all your

sighs satisfied.

Each time...you were richer than

before, healthier than ever,

and so much more at peace.

Tell the world what He’s done.


Tell the world, His love for you

is number one.

Psalm 105

Oh, That Man Would

We knew not one another,

So He gathered us to no more be


Oh, that man would

Give thanks,

For God is good!

We cried out in our troubles,

So He delivered us each and every


Oh, that man would

Give thanks and praise,

For God is good!

We wandered this strange land,

So He gave us more than a place to


Oh, that man would

Raise a hallelujah,

For God is good!

We suffered no inheritance,

So He called us like no other, His

very own.

Oh, that man would

Rejoice always,

For God is Good!

We had ever longing souls,

So He satisfied our hunger with


Oh, that man would

Exalt Him so,

For God is good!

And we had nowhere to call home,

So He said He was making such a


Oh, that man...all of us

Would follow Him there,

For God is good!

Psalm 107

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