Psalms Renderings One

I Wait All Day

The best waiters and waitresses,

they say,

Forever keep

Their eyes on you,

And live to do

Whatever you ask.


Waiting on God

Like that...

When the roosters crow,

To the sun

When at its zenith sits,

Through the changing of the guard

of the sun and moon.

On you Lord

I wait all day.

You are my only path

The only way.

Psalm 25

A Superhero

What the world needs now

is an avenger,

A superhero

To fly into our lives

To race to our side

To fight on our behalf

To shield us from harm

To chase our foes far away

To spear a hole in their evil plans...

To remind us: “I am your salvation.”

Look up!

The Son of Man is coming,

Riding on the clouds

With great power

and glory.

Come Lord Jesus!


Psalm 35

Mark 13:26


Once I was a young man

Now I am old.

I have seen

The wicked prosper,

Time again and again,

And yet,

Like weeds in a meadow

God always dries them up,

Blowing them away

To forever and a day.

But men who trust,

Walking in His way,

God renews their souls,

Breathing in them life

For an eternity of days.

Wait, I say

Wait on the Lord,

He will have His day.

Psalm 37

Good Thing

The wheel well

In the old truck bed

Was the best place

To ride, and train

For the rodeo.

All summer long

Water slaked thirst best

When it came rushing

From a garden hose.

And blindness

Was only temporary

After staring at the sun

On a double dare.

Good thing

We had those angels

Watching over us,

Or we’d never

Have made it to


Psalm 91:11-12

The World Must be Told

Restraining your lips

about your politics

keeps harm at bay

on Thanksgiving Day,

But hiding God’s news

like your political views

so silent in your heart

is not doing your part.

The world must be told

the Good News so bold

to the end of the earth

God’s plan for rebirth.

Psalm 40:9-10

Acts 1:8

First They Were Whispers

First they were whispers,

When will he die?

When will his name wane?

Then they talked aloud,

He’s surely cursed.

He has an evil disease.

Finally, they shouted in my face,

We’re going to take your stuff

Before you go to the grave.

But my God,

He delivered me

He preserved me

He kept me alive.

Thanks be to Thee

Blessed be my Lord

Everlasting to everlasting

Amen and amen.

Psalm 41

Song in the Night

My tears are my food

Day and night

And scoffers ask,

Where’s your God now?

I pour out my soul

To the last drop

And scoffers ask,

Where’s your God now?

My soul is cast down,

No one to lift me up

And scoffers ask,

Where is your God now?

Waves of despair roll,

There is no stopping

And scoffers ask,

Where is your God now?

My bones do break

My flesh does tear

And scoffers ask,

Where is your God now?

Hope in God, I say,

I shall yet praise Him,

For His song in the night

Shall be with me.

Psalm 42*

*we are in a night of sorts right now,

and dark ones at that, and scoffers ask us,

where is your God now?

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