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Psalms Renderings Eight

The Help of Man

Who will bring us

into the strong city?

Who will fend off

our enemies?

Who will give us help

in our troubles?

Is it not You, Oh God?

And You alone?

For the help of man

is useless.

Psalm 108

Those Who Sail Ships

Those who sail ships at sea

Who do business on great waters,

They see the works of the Lord.

They witness His wonders in the


He commands the ever whipping


He lifts the waves high as if to the


He sends them down to comb the


And as they reel to and fro, and


Crying out loud to Him at cove’s


He calms the storm, the waves are


Their safe haven lies just ahead,


Psalm 107

Here Comes He

Out of His holiness

God speaks to His own today:

Over Edom I will cast My shoe

Moab will be My washpot

Ephraim will be a helmet

for My head

These and others are all Mine

I will do with them what I want.

Awake lute and harp!

Wake the dawn!

Edom, here comes He.

Psalm 108


From His Father’s right hand,

A Spear out of Zion high

Hurtled from the morning light

And headed straight

for the dark of night,

The Head is lifted up.

Both Priest and King,

Piercing hearts and minds

Forever and all day,

And laying low every sword,

valleys filled with dead,

The Head is lifted up.

The Head is lifted up,

Fresh from a drink in the Kidron.

The Head is lifted up,

With every enemy now

and forevermore


Psalm 110


Fear of God

Is the beginning of wisdom.

Fear of God

Is in the daily heart of it.

Fear of God

Is part of the end as well.

He made us,

He can take us out.

He made us,

He can shake us about.

He made us,

And on that

we all should shout.

Psalm 111

Humble Knees

To Him who, like a good father

humbly stepped down

to lay amongst us, and

We who, like good children

likewise reach up for Him,

but from both our knees.

Psalm 113

Painting: Merrie Taverna, artist


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