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Psalms Renderings Two

Sweet “V”

When God addresses the bench

When He pleads our case

Before an ungodly nation,

He will render final judgement,

And deliver us in the end

From the deceitful and unjust.

There will be sweet “V”

Upon His holy hill.

Oh God, our God!

Hope in our hearts full

You will fill.

Psalm 43

To Us It Seems

All this has befallen us

But we do not forget

Whose Arm lifts us up.

You are our King, oh God

You are our Forever,

Even though right now

To us it seems

You have forgotten us,

And we don’t know why.

Still, in our swords

We will not trust,

Nor with our bows

Will we defend,

But upon Your right hand

We will continue

To depend.

Psalm 44

This is God

Though waves so rogue

Batter your ship,

Though winds of ill will

Break it into pieces,

Though pools of evil intent

Bury it in the deep,

The ocean floor cradles you

In its loving arms

Forever and ever,

Even unto death.

This is God!

Greatly to be praised,

And by Him home

We will be raised.

Psalm 48

Heart Full of Riches

Death’s door

opens in time

for every man.

It matters not

high or low, or

rich or poor.

Its hinges creak,

wide does it swing,

the end it knocks.

And no thing

will he carry

past the sill,

But a heart

full of riches

in Him still.

Psalm 49

Not Here to Play

The ants on every hill,

The birds in all the air,

The fish throughout the waters,

This world is mine

Including you all,

my sons and daughters.

Who are you to say,

Who claim to come

from earthly fathers?

I called for the day,

And will be the last

goodnight to say.

I am...

Not here to play.

Psalm 50:10-12

Two Gravestones

Side by side

Two gravestones stood,

One marked:

“Here lies the man

who trusted in his riches

and thought it not odd”;

And the other:

“No man lies here,

but like an olive tree

instead stands so green

in the house of God.”

Psalm 52

I Seek the Rock

I seek the rock

Higher than me.

I cry out:

Shade me

From the hot sun.

Keep me from

My enemy’s reach.

I seek the rock

Harder than me.

I cry out:

Break the arrows

Shot at me.

Bend the spears

Hurled my way.

I seek the rock

That’s home for me.

I cry out:

Be the roof

That shelters me.

Be the floor

That supports me.

Near You I will abide forever.

In You I will trust for eternity.

To You I will call upon for


I praise You, and You alone

Oh, God

Forever and ever.

Psalm 61

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