• J Alan R


See the lavish banquet

God prepares on His mountain:

Six stone jars

filled to the brim,

water into wine,

thirty gallons each.

By the glass,

so much left over;

A little boy’s lunch

five barley loaves

and two paltry fish,

fed a multitude plus.

By the basket,

so much left over;

One olive-wood cross

held fast more than a man,

blood poured out for those

who would truly believe.

By the empty tomb,

so much left over.

See the lavish love

God provides His own:

That He calls us His children,

sons and daughters no less,

and to join Him in His heavenly


John 2:1-11

Mark 6:35-44

John 6:1-14, 6:30-35, 19:17-37

Ephesians 1:3

1 John 3:1

Isaiah 25:6

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