• J Alan R

It’s Been Always Grace


Perpetual innocence.

Long walks in the garden

with Father God.

And by His loving hands

there was Grace.

Trouble in Paradise…

Innocence lost.

A long journey’s exile

separated from God.

A kind of death, but not,

there was Grace.

Hell on earth…

Rampant sin.

Destruction too good for

people with no God.

A remnant would survive,

there was Grace.

A menagerie afloat…

A Divine restart.

An ark with no sail, and

no rudder to steer.

But by God made dry land,

there was Grace.

Moses and the Promised Land

Abraham’s stars in the sky

Isaac, and Jacob, and Joseph too

Judges and kings, even the prophets

A little boy’s slingshot’s steady aim

And a Messiah by manger…

There was Grace just the same.

Truth be told…it’s always been Grace.

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