• J Alan R

Him All Along

Hidden in the warp and woof of this world,

The spirit of threads that run both across, and up and down

The yawning fabric of this place called mother earth,

In the twinkling of the stars, and thunder in the lightning high above

In the wild of the winds, and the crashing of ocean waves coast to coast,

In the majesty of mountains, and the cumulus of clouds that decorate the sky

In the rushing of raging rivers, and the arcing of rainbows across the horizon,

In the tabernacle of salvation, and the hearts of those who believe

And in the hope of prayer, and all acts of love by His bride, the church,

God waits, until He chooses to reveal, to let His chosen children see

It's been Him all along, His will, His good pleasure, His great mercy,

When what is supernatural tears a hole in what is natural;

Only then can those who finally have eyes truly disenthrall.

Matthew 11:25 Ephesians 1:9 Psalm 119:18 John 8:32

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