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Hallelujah Series

"I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”

1 Thanks be to God!


I am healed,

My sins,

Though still staining

The white cloth

Of holy, holy, holy,

Are forgiven

Once, and all

A gift

They are no more

Before the face of God.

And so I run back

To where He found me

This very now,

And fall on my face

And hold close His feet

And sing, oh so loud:

"Thanks be to God!"

Luke 17:11-19

2 Cut Some Rug

The sad song stopped playing

As He set my feet to dancing,

And I wondered is it enough?

To dance like no one's watching,

Or if I should really cut some rug,

Not for all eyes to gaze at me,

But so only He gets the prize.

Psalm 30

3 The Man With Nothing

The man with one coat

Gave thanks to God

He had one.

The man with no food today Gave thanks to God He had food yesterday.

The man with no bed to sleep Gave thanks to God He had a blanket for his cover.

But even more, the man with nothing Gave thanks to God For everything.

Wesley's "The Inextinguishable Blaze," pg. 100

4 Finger on the Ground

It matters not

What Jesus wrote

With His finger on the ground.

It matters more What He said With His words to our hearts:

Then neither do I, So go, And leave this life of sin.

It's not that you won't Ever ever, Just walk in Him.

Blessing without compare With thanks forever, This good news do share.

John 8:1-11

5 Thank you

Try this,

Say: "Thank You!"

To God

For everything

All day

And see...

When morning's first Between parted curtains Breaks through, "Thank You!" When yes is all And the answer's still No, "Thank You!" And when it's all good In the neighborhood, "Thank You!"

...thanks is more Than recognizing blessings Big or small, Even nothing at all, It's expressing joy At the site of His hands Giving such gifts, And embracing instead It's the gesture that lifts.

So, strike up the band Deep in your heart, And march to its beat The never-ending song You were meant to play All along,

"Thank You!"

Ps. 9:1

6 Already There

On the way to the cross

With no greater love

Than to die for a friend,

I found Jesus

Already there

Having hung to the end.

Now at the foot of death With no greater thanks Than to live for Him, I find Jesus Already there Having borne my sin.

And as I step from Calvary With but one thought Than to follow near, I know Jesus, Having my best in mind, Is already there.

John 15:13

7 Can't Thank You Enough


Breathed a breath of life in me

When only one last was left.

Thank You!

You Hugged the pieces of my heart When first it was oh so broken. Thank You!

You Waited long for my every return Each time from You I walked away. Thank You!

You Took home my baby boy When life here just couldn't be. Thank You!

You Said You would never leave me Even when the whole world tried. Thank You!

You Promised me a home in heaven When everyone else said, 'Go to hell!' Thank You!

And You Took the nails meant for me When I was steeped deep in sin. Thank You!

I was taught To thank You without ceasing, But what possible decent thanks Could I offer God?

And if the truth be known, I could spend a lifetime trying, And I would only be getting started... I simply can't thank You enough.

1 Thessalonians 2:13, 3:9

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