• J Alan R

Garb or Garbage

Updated: Mar 9

Jesus took our suits of sin,

So we could put on instead

the armor of Him.

To hell He sent the lust of our loins, the wrath and sloth of our hearts, the vainglory and avarice of our minds' eyes, the excess of our mouths and tongues, as well as the greed of our all too eager hands and feet.

Then in spirit He laid out belts of our own truth to buckle around our waists, breastplates of righteousness to strap around our chests, helmets of salvation to place upon our heads, shields of faith to block all evil, swords of the Spirit to brandish aloft, and ready shoes to share the all peace.

Every moment then, we must choose the garb Jesus provides, Or the garbage the world makes our sinful ways it deftly hides.

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