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  • J Alan R

Even in the Deep

Updated: May 28, 2021

To this day it sneaks up on me

I cannot see it or touch it.

I just know it’s there.

It wants me.



I can feel its breath on my neck.

I can hear its nostrils flare.

I can smell it’s near.

It’s behind me.



A warm wave washes over me,

Dread, to the nth degree,

Feigning comfort.

It’s inside me.



My heart races toward an unseen finish line.

My breath runs out before the gun fires.

The dizzy fizzing in my head blurs my lane,

But all I want to do is run anyway.

It’s nothing, I tell myself, “This

Will surely pass,” then it’s

“Go away, you.” Then,

In the end, again

I cry, “Help!


Air bubbles replace my thoughts.

Sweat beads take hostage all calm.

My hands clench, fearing the worst.

Self-control’s dam is about to burst.

The earth trembled in fear instead,

As the Presence of all presence broke in,

Sending away the specter of anxiety,

Telling mankind to be anxious of nothing:


Stand! Be still!

And know I am God.

There’s no need to worry.

Do not fear! For I am with you.

These waters will not consume you.”


Don’t be afraid.

Present your petitions,

And the peace above all others

Will soothe your hearts and minds

For even in the deep I hear your calls.”


My peace I give.

So, let His eternal calm

Rule your hearts and minds

In one body, called to it forever.

For in Me alone I will give you rest.

Phillippians 4:6

Isaiah 40:31, 41:10, 43:2

Joshua 1:9

Proverbs 3:5-6

Psalms 23:4, 29:11, 56:3

Jeremiah 29:11

Jonah 2:2

Matthew 6:34, 11:28-30

John 14:27

2 Timothy 1:7

James 1:9

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