• J Alan R

Divine Pushes

Updated: Mar 9

It was and is God’s idea,

This marrying thing,

Between a man and a woman.

Two, broken, together

Loving in a fallen world,

But with a good God

Always at the ready.

We don’t see it so well,

The purpose,

His design,

But we know what God wants,

Us, to stick it out,

Hand in hand,

With our eyes on Him.

Holiness, not happiness,

Is the prize,

With Divine pushes

Every day,

Inviting us in every storm

To turn to Him

To show us the way.

We are to hold fast

To one another and

Turn, turn, turn to God

With every push,

No matter the season.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Song of Solomon 5:16

Genesis 2:24

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