• J Alan R

Cape of Destiny

As the ark,

without sail or

rudder to steer,

kept Noah dry,

It was the hand of God

that carried it through

the world’s worst flood,

and led it to the mountain top…

And that was enough for Noah.

As a fishing boat,

covered with waves

and beaten by the sea,

kept the apostles afloat,

It was the voice of Jesus

that stilled the violent winds

and calmed the raging sea,

landing on the distant shores…

And that was enough for Peter’s crew.

On this orb,

like with the ark

and fishing boat,

I float high and dry,

But it is by the Grace of God

that whatever storms do swell,

whatever waves threaten me,

I can find the cape* of destiny…

And that has to be enough for me.

Genesis 7 and 8

Matthew 8:23-27

Mark 4:36-41

Luke 8:22-25

Ephesians 1:11

*a cape is a point of land jutting out into the sea

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