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  • J Alan R

Bump into God

If I get out of bed on my knees,

I'm ready to begin my day in prayer.

If I turn on the light, and my Bible's there, I'm likely to read a page or two.

If I break my fast at sunrise, I will give thanks for my daily bread.

If I shower as angels on the radio sing, I can't help but see sin wash away.

If I hear an ambulance siren wail, I pray for safe passage and rescue.

If I'm stopped at a long red light, I have just enough time to quote a verse.

If I leave my car radio tuned to K-Love, I can sing along with all the saints.

If I eat my day's last meal at sunset, I will praise Him for a blessed day.

And if I crawl into bed on my knees, I'm in position to ask that in my dreams,

I bump into God all night as well.

Ps. 63:8

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