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  • J Alan R

Blue Space

Updated: May 23, 2021

It’s what soothes our spirit…

Watching sun glints off its surface

Listening to its whoosh upon the shore

Smelling its lightly salted spray

Feeling its barely bubbles over our toes

…blue space, it’s good for what ails it.

Those who love us mind and body…

Setting stars to shine in our eyes

Loosing butterflies to fly within

Leaving knees weak in all the shaking

Causing hearts to skip a beat

…blue space, it’s good to have somebody.

He who saves our souls…

Pouring mercy down from on high

Washing away our flesh’s sin

Welling springs take punishment

Making us alive again with Him

…Blue Space, how His wave rolls.

*Blue Space is the title/name for water-based, health-enabling places or spaces (oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, etc.) In my poem, I simply extrapolated the notion of blue space to include those who love us (mates and loves who refresh us) and Jesus the Christ (Living Water).

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