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  • J Alan R

Bigger Than That!

A child asks, "How big... is God?"

See the trees way up so high-- God's bigger than that!

See the mountains practically touching the sky-- God's bigger than that!

See the clouds so slowly floating by-- God's bigger than that!

And see the sun, the moon and stars shining lights in great supply-- God's even bigger than all that!

The child asks again, "How big... is God?"

Your family and whole house as well could fit easily inside Him-- And He's even bigger still!

Skyscrapers and big city blocks could stretch up and on within Him-- And He's even bigger still!

Jumbo jets could fly around never, ever reaching the end of Him-- And He's even bigger still!

The whole earth and all its people would still not fill Him-- And He's even bigger still.

And the child asks yet again, "How big... is God?"

Remember before you were born? You know you can't-- But God does, He was there!

Know what your future holds? Not possible, you rant-- But God does, He awaits you there!

As far as the eye can see to the right, the left ahead, behind up, or down all around, into the past or in the future for all time you see, and even farther-- God's bigger than that!

Then the child asks one last, "How Big... is God?" God Himself answers, "I love you..." And even bigger than that!

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